About US

Bob Sleeper

J.D. Phoenix School of Law 
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Valparaiso University, IN

I joined KW Law to help clients overcome complex business problems that will maximize a company’s market share and revenue. By offering my clients a customized approach to their business needs, I can help them succeed by meeting their unique business goals, whether they are seeking new opportunities, looking to monetize assets or negotiating agreements.

Prior to becoming a Patent Attorney, I worked as an engineer in the aerospace industry and at startups. Moving from engineering to Intellectual Property, I learned to develop, protect, market, and commercialize IP for large and small corporations. I can connect all the dots for my clients because I know how to solve difficult technical problems, maximize an idea’s commercial value, patent it, and create a company around it. 

In addition to my work at KW, I also work for the University of Arizona’s College of Engineering in Tucson as the Senior IP Licensing Manager. In that role, I provide IP protection and commercialization work for some of the brightest researchers in the world and leverage a broad support network to launch some of the most exciting companies in Arizona. 

My technical experience is broad and includes medical systems and devices, aerospace and automotive technology, communication systems and technology, systems and industrial technologies, chemical processes, software methods, mining and environmental technologies, and material sciences.

My experience provides my clients with a perspective they cannot get from just any attorney, and KW provides clients with an experience they can’t get from just any law firm. I approach each client in a personal and strategic way, intersecting technology, business, and law. My passion is building and growing companies, helping companies leverage their IP, and by working as partners impacting the world.