About US

Tiffany Ulep

Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, University of Arizona
B.S. Biological Engineering, University of Hawaii

I joined KW Law to utilize my breadth of technical skills in science to help clients achieve their business goals.  

I am a Biomedical Engineer. My graduate research experiences have focused on the design, development, and prototype fabrication of biosensors for the detection of biomarkers including proteins, pathogens (bacteria), and cancer cells. In particular, I have expertise in the utilization of different bio-recognition elements and optical sensing modalities.  

Specifically, I have developed platforms that integrate antibody conjugated nanoparticles, fluorescence labeling, and isothermal nucleic acid amplification techniques. I have training and experiences in material science, fabrication, and characterization of polymers. I also have developed image analysis algorithms, automated data processing programs, and thermodynamic models through industry experiences.  

As an undergraduate, I have gained research skills in the isolation and characterization of nature-derived proteins and peptides for both agricultural and biopharmaceutical applications.  

As an expert in the field of biomedical engineering, I can participate in a unique, customized collaboration with KW’s clients.  As a partner, working together with clients, KW attorneys and other staff members, we can help solve key business problems with smart and innovative solutions.