About Us

We’re more than attorneys. We’re also business owners.

As attorneys we are experts in our field, but we’re also walking the talk as business owners ourselves here at KW. Many of our clients have unique challenges we can relate to as a small firm of owners, so our advice is not just framed in terms of legal counsel, it’s about using our expertise to solve key business problems and support your long-term business objectives

Don’t just hire a lawyer. Find a partner.

KW brings big firm experience to a spectrum of services that can be applied flexibly, creating a customized approach for each client’s needs. We eliminate barriers created by the formality of more traditional law offices, and work to facilitate a personal relationship and understanding of your goals.

A local office with global reach.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, with an office in Tucson, we work with clients around the world. We represent individuals, cutting-edge startups, non-profits, and private and public companies in traditional and emerging markets, among others. Our “first person service” approach to all our client relationships allows us to provide individualized support to partners near and far.