About US

Nick Kirby

J.D. University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law
B.S. Computer Science and Mathematics, University of Arizona

I joined KW Law to solve problems with clients leveraging my expertise in law and science.

I am a developer and a lawyer. I have built, programmed, and assessed computer systems for a vertically integrated utility, a finance organization, and a data analytics company all outside of my legal practice. My education and practical experience give me a unique lens into the intersection of business and technology enabling tailored solutions for clients.

I carve out a competitive advantage for clients by protecting innovation, creativity, and reputation. Working together, we establish rights in marketing material, packaging, creative works, and inventions. We assess market landscapes, find room to operate, negotiate deals, and stop infringement. We grow revenue and market share. We solve problems.

My legal experience spans technology-focused business in fields including networking, data analytics, cybersecurity, software and business methods, aerospace and automotive, communication systems, real estate technology, financial technology, power management systems, energy generation and storage, semiconductor doping and packaging, electronics, and consumer products.

KW focuses on personal relationships and understanding client goals. Our collaborative and multi-faceted approach to solving business problems in varied technological fields allows me to go beyond legal counseling to partner with clients in pursuit of success.